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Yekemi Otaru launched YO! Marketing Limited in 2016. It started as a UK-based marketing agency, helping businesses use digital marketing for lead generation. The company is now on its way to provide a ground-breaking platform, GoYo™ to support agile digital marketing.

There are 12 years of experience in engineering, strategy and marketing to support YO! Marketing’s goals. The company is completely focused on arming digital marketing agencies and freelancers with a simple but intelligent platform.

By breaking tasks down into smaller intelligent milestones, YO! Marketing’s vision is for GoYo™ to be the defacto platform for digital marketers and freelancers seeking to accelerate their clients’ web traffic, conversion rates and leads value.

Along with the amazing support we receive from Wider Innovation, we are alumni of Elevator UK. Thanks to an innovation voucher from the Scottish Funding Council, we are working closely with Abertay University, Dundee to ensure we get the product right.

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Digital Marketing for Lead Generation — Join Our Community